Joseph Campbell

“Life really begins with the act of disobedience.”

“Now God must have known very well that man was going to eat the forbidden fruit, but it was by doing this that man became the initiator of his (her) own life.”

Just a thought for today that resonates.

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  1. Dyami says:

    I love it- What have you ever really learned from the rules beside just knowing how to be so good at following rules? You definitely don’t learn anything about yourself, others, life, god…. or anything that might be important.

    I might have to add this to my all time favorite scriptures!

  2. Mormon Girl says:

    This is one of the greatest mysteries about my Mormon faith. In a doctrine where choice is so central to the theology, how did we become a society that prefers to live by a narrow, strict set of rules? There were two plans presented, one of choice and growth, one of no-choice and little growth. I know which one I have to live by.
    Thanks Dyami!

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