Changing Thoughts and Language Regarding Coffee

I was listening to a Ted Talk this evening by Lera Boroditsky on “How language shapes the way we think.” In the Mormon community, the language surrounding coffee is always negative. Drinking coffee is a “sin.” Coffee drinkers “break” the Word of Wisdom. Even the phrase “The Word of Wisdom” — think about that! It…

Relief Society Homemaking Skills

Here are highlights of this week’s free pour practice, my “failure” turned it into something pretty. I wonder — does this impulse to fancy things up come from all those years of homemaking evenings in Mia Maids and Relief Society? Imagine a homemaking evening where the Sisters work on free pours and drink lattes! I…

Uncle Kermit

My first coffee memory is of my Great Uncle Kermit. After fighting in WW2 – artillery (Paton’s Third Army,) he came back and lived his life quietly in the mountains of Utah as a sheep herder. Every spring, we’d drive down to the ranch in Salina and chase the newborn lambs. Later, in the summer…

Flaming Espressos

My first committed purchase on the dark side went up in flames today…my espresso pot.

Big Liars

turn off HBO, head to your local coffee shop, get a great espresso and introduce yourself to someone new